What I Do

What I Can Bring to Your Company/Project/Idea

Everything has a story, a narrative.  Whether you're a social media startup or an actor-turned-writer, you've got a good story to tell.  I'm a writer.  I know good stories, and I'm here to help you tell yours.

When I hear a great idea or project, I do whatever I can to make it happen.  I make things efficient, organized, and streamlined, marrying the creative and business sides of a production.  And through all of that, I put a little bit of whimsy and fun into everything.  I take care of people, making sure that everyone is working hard, while also having a good time.

I have experience working in large corporations, small non-profits, community organizations, and have ambitiously followed through on my own personal independent productions, events, and projects.  I've worked with all kinds of (lovely and difficult) artists, creatives, vendors, clients, customers, and staffs. I am able to work with limited resources and/or a small (or non-existent) budgets and still execute everything with gusto.

And if I may use a cliché, I think outside of the box.  I'm always thinking of new ways to improve, move forward, and use the available resources in new and exciting ways.  I keep abreast of new technology and societal changes, learn it fast, and make things happen.

Tell me what you need, your next great big idea or project, and I'll help get you there.  There will be ticker tape and confetti and trombones, you'll see.

The Specifics


  • Film (Short and Feature length)
  • Treatments and summaries
  • For performance in live theatre or other forms
  • Short Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction
  • Marketing and Online copy, Blog posts

Writing and Creative Consultation

  • Editing and proofing (Film, Theatre, Prose)
  • Specializing in ESL material and clients
  • Script coverage and evaluations
  • Basic consultation of creative development
Production/Project Management